5 Televisit Tools for Efficiency

What are the most crucial instruments to have in order to enable Televisit ?





Televisit is in its infancy in healthcare, and physicians and patients were introduced to it during the epidemic. Here are the resources you'll need to help with Televisit.

  • 1. Video Meetings

    The ideal way for conducting your video conference is to use a video meeting feature integrated right into your Scheduler or EMR; it is smooth and simple to use.

  • 2. E-triage

    This tool will allow your patient to immediately enter their HPI and any history, as well as change their medicines.

  • 3. Remote Vitals

    Check to see whether the patient has any instruments for taking vital signs; if so, allow them to collect and submit the data straight to your EMR.

  • 4. Payment

    Prior to the Televisit, you wish to collect the copy/deductible for the appointment. Provide an online alternative that is integrated with your practice management software.

  • 5. Appointment self service

    Immediately after the conversation, transfer the video call to the front desk to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Hassle free Televisit

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