Realtime Dashboard

Gone are the days when you would wait for your biller to give canned reports at the end of each month. Now, You have access to all key practice information in real time.

Identify key trends

Watch key trends such as RVU, new patients and collections; do this across your entire group and slice data by your physicians, facilities or payors.

Practicewide key metrics

Understand charge lag, Readmissions, CPT distribution across physicians, teams and compare them with the whole group.

Monitor MIPS measures

See how your are measuring up agaonst your MIPS goals in real time and know which physicians might be falling behind. Allow your physicians to add data through rounding app.

Forecast revenue

Struggling with lack of foresight into future? Dashboard monitors filed claims and gives you an estimate of revenue you can expect over the next 4 weeks.

Track receivables

Wondering how your receivables are tracking? Take the mystery out with a real time gross and net receivable tracker.