Staffed Billing

You have already invested in your PM/EMR software and want to see all of your data in a single place. We work as an extension biller using your system at an affordable price.

Familiarity with different systems

New billers would have a lot to learn, but we already know your systems with no training needed. Our billers have experience in the top 20 billing programs.

Get started quickly

With data already in your PM allows us to get your billing started immediately. Eliminate revenue dips going through regular recruitment process.

Working on your time

Typically staffed billers work on offshore time which makes them hard to contact and language barriers can only make it worse. Our billers work on your time, with you and for you.

Affordable pricing

We understand the financial challenges that affect practices today. Our staffed billing is hands down the best value you will find in the market.

Relationship Manager

Having an advocate at your billing company provides a single point of contact who knows all of the details of your account. You never have to wait or worry again.