Coding & Authorizations

Lack of coding knowledge will result in significantly higher denials with procedures and surgeries. Getting prior authorization for surgeries and procedures can take hours of your staff’s time. We take care of coding your surgeries and getting prior authorizations for your tests.

16.4 hours

Time is money.

An office spends an average of 16.4 hours each week on prior authorizations*

Save time

According to AMA, an average office spends an average of 16.4 hours each week in prior authorizations*. That is costing your practice upwards of $1500 each month. Our prior authorizations team will save your staff from the hold times and all of the administrative paperwork.

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Speedy authorization processing

We pull appointments and work them through a streamlined process to verify benefits and then process prior authorizations if required. Our process is built to handle the exceptions and payor process variations and minimize any impact on your workflow.

Collect confidently

Don’t leave your frontdesk guessing how much to collect. Know exactly what the patient’s benefit is and collect it at the time of service and avoid large patient balances. We verify benefits along with the copay and outstanding deductible to determine how much to collect and make the information easily available through our platform.

Reduce denials with our coding

Coding surgeries can be complex and if done incorrectly can lead to lost revenue and denials. If billing is outsourced to an EMR vendor or a low-cost vendor, they do not have the necessary coding experts to get these claims fixed and paid. Our coders are experts in specific specialties and have years of experience in hospital settings and will code them correctly the first time.

Built on technology

Once we assembled a top-notch coding and prior auth team, we set about building a custom authorization and coding platform to help us work cohesively and securely. The platform also allow us to track items seamlessly and manage the process comprehensively. Because, at the end of it all, we recognize just one denial can lead to hundreds of dollars in lost revenue.

The Primrose workflow

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Enable the success of your practice. From day one, we make it easy to get up and running with Primrose. Once onboarded, our support team is ready to make sure that your success continues with our specialized services.

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