Virtual Assistant

Can your startup grow with zero clinic? We take on most frontdesk & MA tasks until you are ready to hire a full time employee.

Faster appointments.
More patients.

Zero $ startup

Most clinics will not see meaningful revenue during the first 3 months. It makes financial sense to keep costs to a minimum during this period. Our remote staffing model will allow you to pay based on an easily scalable model for a fraction of the cost.

Linear scaling

Even after you reach operational profitability, you will still benefit from a linear scaling model as you continue to grow. This model avoids fixed staffing costs and suboptimal staff utilization.

Lower costs

Performing administrative tasks in-office can be expensive, especially when you add in taxes and non-payroll costs. Utilizing our staff in India or the Philippines could save up to 75% of your costs. Staffing locally in the US does not save you costs but will allow you other benefits listed here.

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Management headaches

Pandemic has decidedly shifted the employment picture in favor of the employee. Clinics find it easier to manage vendor relationships instead of managing employees.

Phone lines

Deciding which vendor to use as your phone provider? We can set up your phone line and setup extensions, and configure your desk phones.


We act as your receptionist, and our staff will handle all incoming calls related to scheduling, including new appointments, reschedules, and cancellations. We can also make outbound calls to the patients as needed.

Virtual Assisting

We manage your eligibility verifications and respond to emails or chats.

Medical Assistant

We call to get prior authorizations for tests and procedures or make referrals. We will handle inbound calls regarding refill requests and can also make outbound calls regarding lab requests.


We will manage all incoming faxes, attach them to the correct patient chart, and set appropriate tasks. Our staff will also set up new patients for any referrals and enter lab results.

Primrose is here to help you all the way

Enable the success of your practice. From day one, we make it easy to get up and running with Primrose. Once onboarded, our support team is ready to make sure that your success continues with our specialized services.

  • Dedicated team member for personalized services

  • Risk free data migration to our system

  • Contact us via phone or email with instant responses

Starting a clinic does not have to be difficult

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